Ricky Alexander
Research Biologist
Interests & Expertise
  • Bycatch reduction engineering

  • Non-lethal sampling

  • Reproductive biology

  • Underwater photography

M.S., Biology
University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley
B.S., Marine Biology
University of Maine at Machias

Ricky graduated from the University of Maine at Machias in 2009 and worked for about 3 years as a fisheries observer in several fisheries on the East Coast, West Coast, and the high seas of Pacific Ocean. In 2013, he began monitoring the Gulf of Mexico as a protected species observer for a seismic exploration company. Ricky began his master’s degree at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley later that year, which focused on red snapper reproductive habits. Upon graduation in 2015, Ricky returned to New England and worked for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries on a project tracking Jonah crab reproduction and movement throughout the Gulf of Maine. Ricky’s work with CFF is focused on quantitative/qualitative underwater photography, flatfish/monkfish reproduction, and flatfish bycatch reduction in the sea scallop fishery.

Alexander, R., and Davis, F. 2018. A Modified Flounder Sweep for Flatfish Bycatch Reduction in the LAGC Scallop Fishery. Final Report. NOAA Award NA16NMF4540035. 49 pp.


Alexander, R., Siemann, L., Patel, S., and Ceccolini, J. 2018. Drivers of Dispersal and Retention in Recently Seeded Sea Scallops. Final Report. NOAA Award NA16NMF4540038. 30 pp.


Davis, F., Siemann, L., and Alexander, R. 2018. Development of an Extended Link Apron: A Broad Range Tool for Bycatch Reduction. Final Report. NOAA Award NA17NMF4540032.43 pp.



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