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Samir Patel, Ph.D.
Senior Research Biologist
Interests & Expertise
  • Endangered species
  • Satellite telemetry
  • Climate change
Ph.D., Environmental Sciences
Drexel University
B.A., Biological Sciences
The George Washington University

Samir joined Coonamessett Farm Foundation in August 2014. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology from George Washington University in 2005 and in 2013 a PhD from Drexel University in Environmental Sciences focusing on sea turtle ecology, satellite telemetry and climate change. Prior to joining CFF, Samir worked as a high school biology and chemistry teacher and assisted on sea turtle projects in Greece, South Africa and Costa Rica. At CFF, Samir is involved in multiple projects, including protected species research both offshore and within local Cape Cod waters, and using telemetry and optical approaches to study the ecology of commercially valuable fish species.

Improving oceanographic models of bottom temperature within the Mid-Atlantic Bight through novel data assimilation and stakeholder input
Principle Investigators: Samir Patel and Jason Clermont 

Funded by: NOAA/NMFS Saltonstall-Kennedy Program

The project will improve oceanographic models used to forecast temperature within Mid-Atlantic waters and produce continuously updated temperature products for fishermen and managers. We will utilize a collaborative industry-science-management Working Group approach previously developed for the US Atlantic mackerel stock assessment.

Understanding Impacts of the sea scallop fishery on loggerhead sea turtles

Principle Investigator: Samir Patel 

Funded by: NOAA/NMFS Atlantic Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside Program

Continuing to add invaluable data to our already abundant dataset on loggerhead sea turtles, this study evaluate the distribution and behavior of loggerhead sea turtles to better understand their interactions with the scallop fishery. This improved understanding will help protect sea turtles by reducing  bycatch in scallop dredges and support the economic viability of the industry.


ESA# 18526  

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Improving the understanding of sea turtle entanglement in vertical lines

 Principle Investigator: Samir Patel 

Funding provided by:  Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program 

Using climate change scenarios to project loggerhead turtle distributions in the US Mid-Atlantic. Year 2018

Principle Investigator: Samir Patel 

Funded by: NOAA/NMFS Atlantic Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside Program