CFF provides independent research services, and regularly partners with government, academia, the renewable energy industry (with a focus on off-shore wind) and private sector professionals in a collaborative environment. 

– Oceanographic surveys
– Still/time-lapse surveys of benthic habitat
– Video surveys of benthic habitat/organism behavior
– Exploratory fishing and gear development
– Conservation engineering of sustainable living marine resource production systems
– Development of offshore aquaculture and resource enhancement concepts
– Development of small-scale sustainable farming technologies
– Development of small-scale greenhouse production systems
– Utilization of small-scale renewable energy systems
– Take-reduction of endangered and protected marine species
– Long-term economic and social benefits of wildlife and habitat


CFF partners with commercial farmers and fishermen to explore and develop best practices in:

– Field crop cultivation
– Hydroponic greenhouse crops
– Composting and cover crops
– Edible landscapes
– Community outreach and education
– Community-based food production
– International and domestic student internship programs
– Coastal shellfish cultivation
– Offshore aquaculture


CFF is available to partner with private sector professionals in the following areas:

– Grant writing services
– Expert witness/trial support services
– Literature reviews
– Technical report writing
– Project evaluation
– Market verification studies
– Instruction/teaching
– Representation before government bodies
– Production marketing

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