Coonamessett Farm cooperated with Barnstable County Extension and Cornell University to examine the potential of commercially cultivating beach plums, Prunus maritima. This entailed an extensive literature search on the beach plum covering all aspects of its propagation and culture and producing a practical manual based on the results. A small scale propagation program for beach plums was set up at Coonamessett Farm and is still in production. Seeds and root cuttings from the most promising wild plants found on Cape Cod were cultured for this planting. The test plot contains a controlled beach plum planting that is being used to evaluate the cultural practices of mulching, fertilization, and irrigation in a commercial orchard setting. Several test plantings on Cape Cod farms were established and a marketing program for graded quality beach plum products was also developed. Coonamessett Farm was involved in producing a Beach Plum Grower’s Manual and forming a Cape Cod Beach Plum Grower’s Association.

Cultivation of Beach Plums for Commercial Fruit Production
Barnstable County Cooperative Extension, Massachusetts

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