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Scientific research is most effective when multiple perspectives and areas of expertise are considered. CFF's  dynamic and diverse research team brings complementary backgrounds and skills to every project. Whether working on an independent CFF study or partnering with industry stakeholders or a leading scientific institution,  we tackle every question in a spirit of collaboration. 

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Kelly Alves
Kelly Alves, B.S.
ASM Trainer/Research Assistant
Emily Bruton, B.S.
ASM Trainer
Andrew Corso, Ph.D.
Research Biologist
Farrell Davis
Farrell Davis, B.S.
Fisheries Technologist
Tanner Fernandes
Tanner Fernandes, B.S.
ASM Trainer
Luisa Garcia
Luisa Garcia, M.A. 
Research Biologist
Natalie Jennings
Natalie Jennings, M.S.
Research Biologist
Tasha O'Hara
Tasha Eileen O'Hara, M.R.M.
Research Biologist
Ryan Minnelly
Ryan Munnelly, M.S.
Research Assistant
Halley Myers
Halley Myers, B.S.
Research Assistant
alison myers new hire.jpg
Alison Myers, B.S.
Research Assistant
Victoria Oriole
Victoria Oriole, B.S.
Research Assistant
Samir Patel
Samir Patel, Ph.D.
Senior Research Biologist
Liese Siemann
Liese Siemann, Ph.D.
Senior Research Biologist
Allison Maikath
Allison Maikath, B.A. 
Agricultural Coordinator
JV pic.jpg
Jeanette Volk, B.A / M.B.A
Director of Finance and Administration
Justin Potter
Justin Potter, B.T. / B.A.
Project Coordinator

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