Coonamessett Farm Foundation, Inc.'s (CFF) mission is to conduct scientific research and educational projects that support sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and agricultural industries.

Along with our predecessor, Coonamessett Farm Inc., CFF has been providing expert research services for more than twenty years. Whether independently or in partnership with leading research institutions, our work contributes to informed management decisions and the development of best practices in sustainable fishing, farming and aquaculture in our region.

CFF is led by a Board of Directors possessing decades of experience in engineering, science, and education. They are supported by a diverse and dynamic staff of scientists who excel in their respective fields. Research teams are assembled carefully to ensure the best available science is used to accomplish all objectives.


Always working within a culture of collaboration, CFF regularly partners with government and leading academic, and private sector professionals in a wide range of disciplines.


Our  skill sets include:

  • at-sea data collection

  • underwater photography and videography

  • marine living resource surveys (including protected species) 

  • crop production management

  • literature searches and reviews 

  • knowledge of federal, state and local regulatory resource protection requirements (environmental permitting)

  • preparation of EAs and EIS documents

  • cost estimating and implementation of management plans

  • hydroponics, and ecological restoration

  • and more