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Examining the movement ecology and habitat utilization of black sea bass in Chesapeake Bay

Project lead: Samir Patel

Funded by: NOAA Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Research Program

CFF was funded to examine the inshore-offshore movement ecology and habitat utilization of the commercially and recreationally important black sea bass (Centropristic striata). The project methods integrate passive, acoustic, and satellite-tagging techniques, the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System, and citizen-science volunteers from the Ocean Research Project FishFinder program. Since 2019, CFF has been conducting spring and autumn rod and reel surveys, inshore and offshore, to collect inhabitance, abundance, and relative biological parameters of captured black sea bass and develop a better understanding of their movement patterns and habitat usage within Chesapeake Bay. We have affixed conventional spaghetti tags, acoustic telemetry tags, and pop-up satellite tags to captured individuals.

Tagged bsbs

Black sea bass with a spaghetti tag and a satellite tag.

BSB Site 2 wreck
BSB Koozie Logo 3

Shirts and koozies with the project logo are given to people who report tagged fish.

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