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CFF conducts a range of marine surveys using both traditional fishing gear like scallop dredges, optical survey equipment like
our HabCam vehicle, and satellite telemetry. Our surveys play a critical role in fisheries stock and habitat assessments on
Georges Bank, in Southern New England waters, and in the
Mid-Atlantic. Through new collaborations, we are continuing to demonstrate the value of working with the commercial and recreational fishing industry to tackle previously unanswered questions.

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of our focus topics.
The interdisciplinary research conducted at CFF encompasses a wide range of topics focused on developing sustainable fisheries and agriculture practices that can coexist with ecosystem health, protected species, and conflicting uses from industries like offshore wind. Our research tackles issues like fisheries bycatch, climate change impacts, and habitat degradation using an effective mix of traditional and cutting edge technologies.

Shell yeaH!

From the deep blue depths to the intricacies of shells, our trip updates provide insights on the fascinating ecosystems of the Northwest Atlantic ocean.

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