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High School Outreach - Turtle Tagging Project

CFF's “Turtle Tagging Project: Tracking Loggerheads in the Atlantic Ocean”  gives Marine Ecology, Environmental Sciences and STEM students the opportunity to participate in an ongoing research project. The United States Mid-Atlantic region is an important foraging ground for sea turtles, but relatively little is known about these protected animals due to complications involved with locating and capturing the immature and adult turtles on these offshore foraging grounds. Thanks to a grant from the Cape Cod Foundation and a generous donation from Empire Fisheries, CFF shared our ongoing sea turtle research with the science students at Falmouth High School in Falmouth, MA and Jonathan Law High School, Milford, CT during the 2019-2020 school year. 

The project centers around the study of a single loggerhead turtle to which CFF has affixed (or “tagged” with) an underwater, GPS monitoring device. CFF researchers will share select data from the tagging device with FHS students at regular intervals, providing a window into the methods scientists use to conduct marine research, as well as the tools for understanding of ocean ecology and marine life. Students will have the opportunity to assimilate the real-world concepts into their current classroom curriculum.

High School outreach

Falmouth High School students assemble for CFF's Tracking Sea Turtles program during "Clipper Time" in April 2019.

high school outreach

April 2019, Samir presents to students in Mr. Koorejian's Marine Ecology class.

Watch CFF Prepares for a Loggerhead Research Trip

Watch How to Tag a Sea Turtle.

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